Termite Fumigation

Termites, small flying insects that love to eat wood and cellulose-based plants who can secretly destroy your commercial or residential building without you ever knowing. If you notice insect wings, frayed wood, reddish-brown droppings, hollowed out wood, swollen floors or ceilings - you might have termite damage. For the most effective termite treatment in Orange County, CA, call Dynamic Termite & Pest Control.

You can rest easy knowing that Dynamic Termite is licensed, insured and bonded to help solve all your pest control and termite problems. We not only work with residential properties, but also commercial buildings including HOAs of all sizes including ones over 100 units! If you think you might have termites and need a termite inspection in Orange County, CA, give us a call! One of our pest technicians will arrive to your location to provide you with a bid and submit a written quote on what needs to be done. 

If you do have termites, do not worry! Termite Fumigation in Orange County, CA is quick and convenient when using Dynamic Termite! The fumigation process takes only 2 days and you will be back in the comfort of your own home on day 3! We will supply you with all the fume bags and personally come out to help you prepare for the fumigation. We contact the gas company to schedule on and off services as a courtesy to make the preparation easy for our customers. Dynamic even does termite damage repair and fumigation for properties going through the refinancing process.

Some popular termites found in California are:

Drywood Termites: Like their name, these insects love drywood and spend their time feeding and living there causing structural damage.

Subterranean Termites: These termites are found in soil and damage your home by making mud tubes from soil to enter your home.

Say goodbye to termites and call today to schedule an inspection by one of our trusted pest technicians. (714)779-5588