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Roach Infestation

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We offer a wide range of Pest Control services for homes, condominiums, commercial properties, warehouses, manufactured homes, wholesale businesses, shopping centers, restaurants, commercial food trucks and transportation systems, (cargo airplanes, railroad cars, trains and buses). If you have bugs, call us!

Pest Control Service:

One Time Service, On-Going Service, Emergency Service.

 Heavy roach infestation in cabinet. The small black dots are fecal droppings of the roaches. The longer rods are the roaches. Yes, this is a real picture. NO, this is not for localized treatment. That does not work. Call us and we will tell you how we solved this problem. 714. 779.5588 or 714. 493.5069

 Daytime, roaches on the ceiling are a huge sign of heavy infestation. If you see this in your place, PLEASE call us so we can help you. Roaches carry many diseases. You do not need to share it with them. You do not need to place your family at risk.

 Roaches in the corner of the dining room floor of a home.

Dynamic Termite

Please call us for your pest control services.
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